• Ask Girl With A Gavel

    Q: Can you conduct auctions at my location or do I have to bring the items to an auction facility?

    A: We conduct many business liquidations, storage unit and estate sales on location. To conduct an on-location auction, we generally need to inspect the auction items to determine if there is enough to warrant an on-location sale. We also need to check to see if the site is feasible for a sale in terms of parking availability, room for display of items, compliance with city ordinances, and if there is room to handle the amount of people we expect to attend.

    Q: I’ve never been to an auction before. How do they work?

    A: As a buyer, you come to our sale, register to pick up a bidders number, and attend the sale. When the item you want to bid on comes up, you raise your hand or number and get the auctioneers attention. The auctioneer will continue to ask you to bid. When you have the high bid and no one wants to outbid you, the item is awarded to you. Once the auctioneer says sold, and you pay for the item(s), you are the proud owner of that item!

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