• Girl With A Gavel is a fully licensed Wisconsin based Auction Service.

    Here are a few of the Auction Services we offer:

    Estate Auctions

    Sellers usually decide to have estate auctions or sales when family members have passed away or when people decide to downsize due to moving or other circumstances. Often decision makers in these situations find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibilities they face. Girl With A Gavel Auction Service has the experience and knowledge to identify the most valuable items and the depth of buyers to try and achieve the highest prices. Our estate auction services range from complete house clean-outs to partial estates auctions for sellers just looking to downsize.

    We recommend sellers use an auction to market and sell personal property and real estate. The auction method allows for items to be sold in a competitive market scenario, ensuring items bring their true value. Estate Auctions can be held on-site (at the home) depending on various circumstances.  Girl With A Gavel Auction Services can also move the items and sell them offsite.

    We will make certain you make the right decisions for your estate and family.

    We are willing to buy whole estates.  If you recently inherited or acquired an estate and do not want the hassle of trying to clean the house, car and selling all the stuff inside yourself and do not want to hold an auction let us know because that is what we do. We buy everything and do it all so you don’t have to. We even haul away the trash.


    Business Liquidation

    Whether you are liquidating your business for retirement, downsizing excess inventory, or any other reason, Girl With A Gavel Auction Service has the experience to help you.


    Charity and Benefit Auctions

    Why is a benefit auction a great way to make money for your charity?

    Benefit auctions are a fun, flexible, and financial rewarding way to raise money for your charity. Patrons open their pocketbooks quickly to bid on items at the auction! At a benefit auction, you are not just asking people to write checks, they are getting the opportunity to bid on exciting items in a fun competitive atmosphere. Perfectly functional as a standalone event or an easy addition to your already existing gala, meeting, awards or recognition event, benefit auctions get crowds engaged and returning year after year. Convinced on having a benefit auction, but don’t understand why you need a professional auction service? Keep reading for more information on the rewards and excitement a professional auctioneer can bring to your benefit or charity.

    Why hire a professional auctioneer to run your benefit auction?

    Before we get started explaining the benefits of a professional auctioneer, ask yourself this question: for your important event, do you cook your own food or hire a caterer? You hire a caterer because you want a professional in charge of this important element of your event. Then why would you put the most important part of the event, raising money, in the hands of an amateur?

    Many groups planning benefit auctions that do not hire a professional auctioneer just have not been to a benefit auction with a top-notch professional auctioneer. A great professional auctioneer’s chant, industry language for their speedy talking, is rhythmic, exciting and brings an element of entertainment to your benefit auction. When bidders get excited, hands start flying in the air, and money starts flying into your charity’s pocketbook. 

     We love to handle benefit auctions anywhere, and are willing to travel. 


    Storage Unit Auctions

    Storage Unit Auctions are generally held to satisfy liens that the Storage Facility hold against delinquent rental units. All bidders must have a bidder number. All merchandise is sold as is where is. There are no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied on any items sold at these auctions.

    All Merchandise must be paid for by the end of the sale.  Sales Tax will be charged unless the bidder holds a valid resale license. You will need to bring a copy of the resale license, or the number with you to the auction. 

    Generally we open the units up and sell the contents of the unit as a bulk lot.  Some Storage Unit Facilities choose to have the auction set up as individual items sale.  We are willing to perform your Storage Unit Auction in the way that it will work best for you. 


    Consignment Auctions

    The following information will serve as a guideline and hopefully answer some of your questions concerning consigning items to auction.

    Girl With A Gavel  Auction Service will use their expertise to advertise, display, and sell your items in a manner that is mutually beneficial to both of us. Girl With A Gavel Auction Service sells almost all items at “ABSOLUTE AUCTION” meaning that the items will be sold to the last and highest bidder, recognized by the auctioneer, with no minimums or reserves.  The advantage of an “Absolute Auction” to a seller is that the item will definitely sell. The disadvantages of an “Absolute Auction” to a seller are the loss of the option to reject the final bid and the possibility of getting less than they feel the item is worth. It is the policy of Girl With A Gavel Auction Service to prohibit sellers from bidding on their own items either directly or indirectly.

    Getting the items to the auction location is usually the responsibility of the seller. The item(s) should arrive clean and ready to be sold. THE COMMISSION CHARGED IS FOR SELLING YOUR ITEM (S) – NOT FOR PICKING THE ITEMS UP, CLEANING THE ITEMS, WASHING THE ITEMS, OR REPAIRING YOUR ITEMS. If we pick up your items, clean your items, wash your items, or repair your items there will be an additional charge. As an example, most people look under the cushions of sofas, love seats, and chairs before they bid on them, so it’s a good idea to remove the cushions and vacuum before we pick them up, or you bring them in to be sold. The same principle is true when it comes to good dishes and china. Before bringing them in to be sold they should be washed. So, in order to avoid additional fees please ensure that your items are cleaned and in good repair before consigning them.

    If you are unable to bring the items to the auction location, Girl With A Gavel Auction Service can provide pick-up service at an additional fee (depending on the availability of equipment and personnel). The rate charged for this pick-up service is based on a per man-hour rate and mileage rate. 

    We DO NOT accept the following types or categories of merchandise: (1) garage sale leftovers; (2) every day clothing and shoes; (3) older or stained mattresses; and (4) console TVs .

    Girl With A Gavel Auction Service reserves the right to refuse any or all items presented for consignment.

    It should be noted that when you consign items to be sold it is almost impossible to list every item; especially when there are a number of boxes with lots of miscellaneous items in each box. We will list all the major items, and then group the rest as “One lot of miscellaneous”. Please note that we may group your miscellaneous items together either in boxes or flats to be sold. This will be done based on our experience of what other similar items have sold for in the past.

    Once an item(s) has been consigned (regardless of whether we picked the items up or you dropped the items off ) an item cannot be withdrawn from the auction without paying a “Withdrawal Fee”. The “Withdrawal Fee” will be twenty-five percent (25%) of the estimated fair market value of the item(s) that withdrawn from the auction. (Girl With A Gavel Auction Service will be solely responsible for determining the estimated fair market value of the item(s) withdrawn from the auction). We will deduct the “Withdrawal Fee” from the proceeds of the auction. In order to avoid this “Withdrawal Fee” please make sure you wish to sell the item(s) before you consign them to be sold.

    If you have any questions or do not understand any portion or term used in this “General Consignment Information” please ask for clarification before consigning your item(s).


    If you are interested in having an auction or have any questions please email or call us (608) 432-1155